Create Your Vision Dream Board- It Works!

Live your  Dreams – Unlock Your Subconscious Mind

Hello my friends,

about time I get myself down to write up yet another inspirational
story and real life experience – this time it’s about subliminal hypnosis
in connection with dream boards.


It’s some kind of pinwall – on which you pin all kinds of stuff you
dream about, but can’t have at the moment. Like a luxury car, a Tiffany’s
diamond ring, a dream vacation, those lovely diamond-studded earrings
out of a luxury magazine which states: prize on request! On mine there was
also a designer handbag which I actually COULD have afforded, but was
to stingy to buy, since the price actually was outrageous…and if you
are in biz of your own like me, it included a cheque form carrying my name
and the cheque had 1 million $ written on it (this was a downloadable thing
suggested by a guru about 7 years ago!) and of course, your dream house,
your dream interior design in all details, if you dream about
being a famous star, photoshop a famous person in an enthusiastic
crowd and exchange
the face of the star with YOUR FACE -if you want, the possibilities are
endless. BE CREATIVE – set NO LIMITS – really go WILD with your dreams!


Here’s the fact: dreamboards are working through your unconscious mind, which-
as we all know, is 90’% of our brain. Having your VISION-dreamboard next to your
working environment (which could be either your desk or your cosmetic mirror
– anywhere, where you spend a lot of time. By looking at them FREQUENTLY,
your subconscious mind takes the content in. And it subconsciousely DRIVES
your consicent mind to achive those goals and dreams.

COOL – EH? Did this work with me, since I created my 1st dreamboard about 7 years
ago – when I had this 1 Mio US $ cheque on my dreamboard as the 1st item?


Did this cheque ever come? Hell – NO. BUT – listen up: here in Europe, NOBODY
pays you by cheque anyway – it will always be a bank transfer. Since I’m in biz,
such a cheque would NEVER be issued in my name, but in my company’s name. Would
I take so much money out of my company at ONCE? Not likely – as it would only
rejoice the Receiver of Revenue, which would TAKE a big fat junk of  75% out of it
for itself! Yes guys, I’m living in a socialistic European country, and that’s the
reality check.

The next one came up, when I made a REAL Pinboard and added a sleek BMW to
the board, and a diamond-ring that I thought was just too wonderful to be true!

Then I had a frustrating experience with a car dealership+Leasing company back
then for 2 of my company cars, where I really felt cheated. I’ll spare you the
details, but it has to do with funny tax laws here, where it is far more
advantageous to LEASE cars than to buy them, because in that case you save
paying the Value Added Tax, which in our case is 20%.

So – after this frustration came a sticker next to the dream car (on my dream board)
with me saying: “I’LL PAY IT CASH!”
And guess what? This Spring, I had finished a project where the majority of
the money would come through at completion, and me and my partners went about
and checked for BUYING that dream car – and since we checked mostly on
modern technology and safety PLUS sleek looks, we decided on an AUDI TT, the
lastest model with the most engine power and ALL the extras- and ordered it,
AND PAID CASH! Never before had I been able to order a car “made to order- the
model I really wanted- to come right from the factory to me”!

See how super that is? And what a feeling I had when-
I actually spoke the sentence: “I’ll pay it cash?” and in my mind
silently said: to hell with all those financial sharks who make you pay
twice the price with their lousy tricks!”

See a video about it here:







My model is not red, but midnight blue. And YES, it’s a powerful sports-car.
And NO, I never wanted a fancy Maserati or Ferrari, since you cannot park
such a car on the roads here, it would be stolen within minutes, and you have
endless trouble.

Also, the photoshopped version of ME being next to a very famous person in
an admiring crowd – also THIS became true!

In my humble opinion, my friends, a real PRE-REQUISITE of your dreamboard turn
into reality is the CONSTANT ACTIVATION of your subconscious mind. And you
need to be coached in learning this and doing it religiousely.

It becomes an AUTOMATION after a while to put yourself into the “flow”- but
like any skill, you need to train yourself. But it’s so EASY: just download
the audio-files into your smartphone, relax somewhere (anywhere) for 15min
and let the magic happen…plug in the earphones,,.that’s how I did it.

A low effort for supercharged energy put to work and tapping into those 90%

capacity the human brain has but uses little of!

I have many of those courses, but the best one I found lately is here: !!

Have YOU been working with dream boards lately? Please share your experience
here in that blog!

Another question people ask me often: should I let othere people SEE my
dream boards? This is a difficult question. I live alone – and so nobody
but me sees it. When I get visitors, I hide it in a built-in cupboard.

I consider my dreamboard PRIVATE and don’t want others (=clients) to see it
-even when I know them well enough to invite them into my home. Simply,
because I don’t want to DISCUSS it, should people question me about it.

I even don’t want to share it with (all) my friends, some of whom have a streak
of black humor, and would maybe make fun of it at some occasion.

I simply want to avoid being put into the “defensive” role, because
it would be something like arguing about RELIGION, which is impossible,
really. You either believe, or you don’t.

One close friend of mine has her dream board hidden under a huge
calender on the wall near her desk. Whenever she is alone, she opens the
sheet with her hidden dreamboard (she uses sticky tape, not needles for
her pics), when there are people in the room, they just see the calender;

Other people are spurnt-on by those surrounding them to be familiar with
their dreams (and dream boards) and such “reminding” them to
I gather it
really depends on you as a person, what kind of person you are, and
you might “test the waters” and see how things work best for YOU.

But I think the BEST reality check is: study the biography of MOST
famous people, and in ALL of them, you’ll read somewhere the sentence:
“on from this moment on, I dreamt about being…..(here comes the thing
they are famous for).

And unlike me, they don’t share their “secrets of success” with others.


PS. Just for fun: this video shows you, how the Audi TT leaves the

Mercedes C63 in the dust in a 1/4 mile race:


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BonnyCreate Your Vision Dream Board- It Works!

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